Friday, March 11, 2011

The Eraser Craze has Hit!

So...with the silly bandz tucked away neatly on binder rings, kids have moved along to the next biggest trend. Eraser trading! After searching high and low for anything other than the dollar store variety I couldn't find anything unique! But after attending a trade show last month, we came across these cool little guys!

We have hundreds of erasers, available now in store and only $1.00/pkg!! These are just a few of the designs available. Come and check them out and let the trading begin! Although, we have to warn you....they are so cute, you just might want to keep them all!

Tip: PERFECT for teachers, birthday gifts, party favours and goody bags!

These erasers are fully functioning, Environmentally friendly (Latex Free / No PVC / Non stickmaterial), and fun to play with! The erasers can be taken apart by color so you can play and assemble them in many ways. They are very detailed in their design, and are not painted. The parts are assembled separately by color.

Easter Egg Hunt in the near future?

The Easter Bunny has advised us that many children around the world have requested ERASERS instead of chocolate this year!

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