Friday, November 20, 2009

Great Christmas Gift!

Have you seen the fabulous pink Bind It All?
A fun tool for a million amazing projects! Check out this video for an introduction to the machine:

And watch this one for a demonstration of how to actually bind a project...

You can come and try the Bind It All in a current class as well if you like!

2010 Desk Calendar NEW!
Instructor: Colleen Heidrich
Class Fee: $15.00 Supply Fee: $7.00
This is a wonderful gift that you can come and make in a few hours with a few supplies and the Bind-It-All machine! Once you see how easy these are, you'll be wanting to make these gifts for everyone as well as one for yourself! All Supplies Included.

Check out the Bind It All website HERE or their blog HERE as well for tons of great project ideas!

Come on in and take a look and ask for a demo if you'd like to see the Bind It All in action!

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